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    Welcome to Ben Humaid Group

    We, at Arabian Hunter are one of the largest providers of a wide range of equipments and accessories,
    from Shooting, Hunting, Falconry and Camping to Fishing and Cooking under one roof.
    See it and you believe it.

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    Welcome to Ben Humaid Group

    A Competitive shooting, tests your accuracy and speed against others.
    This is an extremely interesting and serious hobby for any sport lover.
    We, at Arbian Hunter, provide you the best Air Rifles which are fast, accurate, easy to handle,
    and can be maintained with our range of easy maintenance kits.

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    Welcome to Ben Humaid Group

    Camping is an activity that can easily be enjoyed by everybody. Camping is a lot of fun and its cheap and healthy.
    To make your trip more interesting, we provide a range of related accessories like tents, walls, mosquito nets,
    lamps, lanterns, torches, search lights, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags along with a range of useful kits and accessories.

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    Welcome to Ben Humaid Group

    Falconry is a great way to connect with Nature makes friendship with others and share their experiences while enjoying amazing creation of nature.
    It involves capturing, training, transporting and housing birds of prey for use in hunting.
    Falcon and hawks are both commonly used for hunting. Falconers can capture birds in the wild or buy them from the breeders.
    We make it easier for you by providing various equipments of tracking, trapping and caging for easy and secure transportation of your bird and birds of prey.

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    Welcome to Ben Humaid Group

    Tracking your bird while he is following the prey is a great fun, specially when you loose contact with your hunter.
    We, at Arabian Hunter, have a range of Telemetry and accessories which can determine the movement of your bird with utmost accuracy.

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Air rifle maintenance.

We have a well equipped facility for all type of air rifle repair and maintenance which we do in  limited time with full satisfaction of our customers.

Delivery at Customers doorstep

We also provide product deliveries to any destination in the Kingdom as required by our customers at a minimum or no extra cost.

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With an enormous encouragement and constant feedback from our valued clients, we look forward to provide the most advanced and latest techniques of shooting, hunting, falconry and camping with an aim to make the sports interesting for the entire family.

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